What to Do When She’s Concerned About Her Weight Gain

1-c700x420There are numerous television shows, movies, and books that bring up the theme of a woman being worried about her weight gain. While gaining weight as we age is pretty natural, some women take it pretty hard when they can no longer fit into the clothes that they wore three or four years ago. Instead of ignoring your lady’s concerns when she’s worried about her weight gain, listen to what she says. And most importantly, support her.

Let Her Know that She’s Beautiful No Matter How Much She Weighs

The best thing you could ever do when your lady is concerned about her weight gain is to let her know that you think she’s flawless no matter how much weight she gains. Some men believe that if you tell a woman this, it will give her a reason to stop caring about how she looks, but this definitely isn’t the case. When you tell a woman that she looks good no matter what her size is, it reaffirms that you are with her for more than her physical beauty. This will take a lot of stress off of her. When she’s less stressed, she’ll feel calmer, relaxed, and secure with who she is. If you’ve met her on sites for dating online where they have ranked a new exhaustive list of websites about older ladies that are referred to as cougars, you’re in luck. When your lady feels secure, she won’t view things like dieting and healthy eating as a chore that she’s doing to keep you. Rather she will feel like doing these things for her, which means that she will be more willing to follow through with them. Not only that, but she will want to reward you for making her feel special and loved. If she knows you loved her body before she gained weight, she will work hard to get it back that way for both you and her.

Offer to Workout with Her

2-waistWhen your woman is worried about her weight, you can also offer to workout with her. For some women (and people in general), working out can be very boring and repetitive. If she doesn’t have a workout buddy, she may get tired of listening to the same music or reading the same book. When she’s bored of working out, she will simply stop going. This is why suggesting that you workout with her is a great idea.

Go to the gym with her and engage her in conversation. If you think there are areas where she should tone up the most, you can suggest that the two of you do certain exercises or use certain equipment that will target those areas. The two of you can also sign up for different aerobics classes that will keep her motivation high. She may even find other people that she enjoys interacting with, which might let you get a bit of free time to yourself if you decide to skip working out on some days.

Suggest a Healthy Activity that Still Allows the Two of You to Work Out

Similar to going to a gym, you and your lady can find healthy activities to help her lose weight and get in shape. Things like ballroom dancing and karate may be great things for the two of you to do together. Best of all, it won’t even feel like exercising to either one of you. If you really want to benefit from healthy activities, pay for her to attend pole-dancing classes. These classes have the magic of helping your lady release some sexiness that the two of you may have never known she had. Really it can be tough to tell the real from the scams but there are exceptions that intelligently review websites in this dating space and help you find the right site that isn’t a scam. A woman’s worth isn’t based off of her size. If she gains weight and she’s OK with it, don’t push her to lose it. If she gains weight and she’s upset about it, offer to support her and to help her shed the pounds. A good support system is extremely important for anyone losing weight no matter who they are. Show your lady that you support her no matter what.

It’s really easy to get caught up in a new romance and find yourself thinking the world of your new partner regardless of what they do, however there are some things you should take note of over the course of your dating life, especially if you and your partner have been dating for a relatively long time. In the beginning, your partner will seem perfect because they want to impress you, however with enough time and a bit of alertness you can spot some problematic elements of your partner and your relationship that you were simply too blind to see in the beginning. Here are some signs you should look out for when you’re dating someone.

You Are the Only One Compromising

Any relationship needs compromise to last, for there is no way that both of you are so in-sync that you never disagree on anything. However, if you find yourself being the one compromising all the time, then it’s high time for you to leave the relationship, as your partner clearly does not make the effort to accommodate your wants and desires. No matter how your partner spins it, if you are the only one compromising in most cases it clearly shows what he or she thinks about you. Your partner clearly prioritizes his or her own feelings over yours, and such a relationship is going to be very emotionally unhealthy for you in the long run. You will be better off without such a person in your life. You can compromise only to be scammed out of money but there are real sites that can be trusted in the swingers space that have good reviews and ratings by consumers.

Your Partner Is Overly Jealous of Everyone in Your Life

3-clingyAnother sign that something is clearly wrong is your partner being overly jealous of everyone in your life. A little bit of jealously is cute and great for a relationship, but if your partner becomes angry at the thought of you spending time with anyone else but him or her, you best pack your bags and leave as soon as possible. Your partner’s overly jealous nature signifies a lack of trust he has in you as well as his terrible insecurities, and don’t need someone like that in your life. There are users that have rated these sites one by one and a decent comparison can be read here where the products have been rated these against each other. It is important to address any issues regarding jealously as soon as possible in your relationship, and you should enforce a strict policy regarding what is acceptable to you. If your partner cannot agree with you, then it’s best to part ways sooner or later.

Your Partner Is Overly Clingy or Afraid to Spend Time Apart

In a good relationship, both parties must be able to have some time to themselves to recharge their batteries. Even the most romantic couple has to spend time apart once it a while. It is important for both you and your partner to have hobbies, to exist outside of one another. No matter how Twilight spins it, a relationship where your partner is your only friend and the only thing in your world is not romantic, it is very creepy and unhealthy. The both of you should be two whole people who choose to spend time to better each other, not incomplete halves that desperately need each other.