What She’s Thinking When You Introduce Her to Your Parents

aid1087454-728px-Be-in-a-Relationship-Without-Your-Parents-Knowing-Step-2Allowing a woman to meet your parents for the first time can be a very exciting moment for her. Sometimes you may not know what is going on inside of her head when you tell her that you want her to meet your parents. Not all women view meeting a man’s parents as a big deal like the movies makes it seem. There are several different things she may think when she learns about the upcoming meeting of her and your parents. Before you start assuming that she will understand what meeting your parents means to you, take a moment to learn about what she’s thinking when it comes to meeting your parents.

You’re Moving Too Fast

Believe it or not, some women may think that you’re moving too fast when you tell them that you are going to introduce them to your parents. If you bring up wanting her to meet your parents and she seems more reluctant than excited, it is a high chance that she things you are rushing things. Even if she is shy, most women feel excited to be meeting their lover’s parents, so if she seems anything but thrilled, take a moment to reflect on having her meet your parents would be the right move.

The Two of You Are Not in a Serious Relationship

lo2262If the two of you have been dating, but she’s been unsure of whether or not you were serious about her, taking her to meet your parents is pretty much her solid proof that the two of you are now in a serious relationship. Women often think that men only introduce women to their parents when they are seeking their approval over the woman that they have chosen. If you don’t have any intention of starting a serious relationship with her, you should probably avoid introducing her to your parents. It could give off the wrong meaning to her, which will only lead to stress and arguments between the two of you.

She Thinks She’s the One

More often than not, when you introduce a woman to your parents, she begins thinking that she is the one for you. What this means is that she may begin thinking that you have plans to marry her. For some women, taking her to meet your parents is all the encouragement she needs to start asking you about your future together. She may even begin talking about marriage and children. Be prepared for these types of conversations when you introduce her to your parents. One way you can avoid any awkward conversations is by letting her know why you want her to meet your parents in the first place. Be honest and to the point. It will save you trouble in the long run. The best top rated list of sites can be found here for reference and will help you in avoiding fraud sites that steal your money. These are just a few things that go through a woman’s mind when she meets your parents. You can never really tell how she react to the news until after you’ve told her. Be willing to answer any questions that she might have, in order to avoid her coming to the wrong types of conclusions.

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The Bad Boy

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The Couch Potato Boyfriend

If you get into a serious relationship with a boy who is all about leaving the housework to you, you may want to either settle in with the task he has forced upon you or reconcile yourself to the fact that your house will always be dirty. Men who never grew up from being boys and still want to be mothered are unlikely to ever mature beyond that stage, so don’t hold your breath for any miraculous transformation.

The Player

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The Convert

Never date a man who says he will join your church once you get married because it will not happen. He may show up and he may participate in the activities, but the only reason he wears a suit and sits in a pew on Sunday is you, and wanting to get into your pants. Once he marries you, he will return to his old ways and leave you alone in your faith and more than likely stuck with the callous guy he was before he converted. Look out for this type of guy, as they are pretty much going to be the same as they were before you met him, and only even pretended to show interest in something important to you to get what he wanted. Be careful as this is a trend that may persist later in life.


There are different kinds of men they won’t change, and some of them cross over with each other. If you find someone who would be great ‘if only they…’ stop right there. There is a very very slim chance that you are going to change anybody, and in the long run, you will just end up unhappy. When looking for someone to date, try taking them at face value. See what you can find and accept for what he is. If you go into a relationship thinking that he won’t change, and that you could be happy with him the way he is for your entire relationship, then you have found a relationship that will last as you change and grow together. There are lots of different people out there, and the ones that you will end up happiest with are the ones that you can just accept. So get off the train of trying to fi,and change your men and go out and try to find one who is good the way he is.