What Does the Length of Her Hair Say about Her

Women are individuals. The length of her hair isn’t like a tarot card wherein you’ll find all the secrets of her soul. However, things are trendy for a reason. There are societal implications for each hair style that your girlfriend has to be aware of. No one who lives in the modern world can know, for example, that a woman who gets a buzz cut is going to be assumed to be playing for the other team. There are rules that go with hair, and if you know how to read them you can get a little extra insight into how your girlfriend’s mind works.

Short Says That She’s a Modern Lady

She Is A Modern Woman

She Is A Modern Woman

If your girlfriend (or the woman you’re interested in) has a short but cute hairstyle like a pixie cut, you know that’s she’s a modern woman. These little dos are very feminine, but are still unpopular among the traditionalist set. If it’s a cute little trendy haircut you can tell that she’s on the edge of fashion and is a forward thinker who’s not afraid to take “risks” that have already been proven to look good.

Long Says That She’s Traditional

Long hair doesn’t mean that she has traditional values, but it does mean that she conforms to traditional ideals of what an attractive woman should look like. She has long hair, and probably wears red lipstick when you go out. There’s nothing wrong with that on its own, but it can be pretty limiting if you’re looking for anything unconventional in your relationship or in her. If you’re attracted to women who challenge the societal ideals you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

Mid Length Says She’s Not Willing to Commit

Mid length hair is trying to grab the best of both worlds and often fails. It’s not as cute and modern as a pixie or very short bob, and it’s not as flowing a feminine as a mane of luscious flowing locks would be. Be aware that a woman who always keeps her hair to mid length is playing it safe. It’s not hard to take care of and she doesn’t need to maintain it very well. Lazy women choose these cuts because they last a long time and aren’t really made for taking risks. Don’t be surprised if a woman with mid length hair is always making the practical, conservative choice. She doesn’t like a lot of risk or to overcommit herself, which can be very good traits if you’re looking for something stable.

Bonus: Dyed Hair Doesn’t Always Mean Rebel

Dyed hair isn’t just the choice of rebels without causes anymore. In fact, depending on her hair cut it could even be more common for a woman to dye her hair than for her to keep it natural. If she’s rocking a faux hawk or has shaved any part of her hair, it would be more radical for her to not dye it. Dying hair is now a part of an aesthetic rather than a political statement. If she’s dying it to match a modern hair style then it should be expected. If she’s just adding a random streak it takes a lot more nerve to go through with it.