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What to Do When She’s Concerned About Her Weight Gain

There are numerous television shows, movies, and books that bring up the theme of a woman being worried about her weight gain. While gaining weight as we age is pretty natural, some women take it pretty hard when they can no longer fit into the clothes that they wore three or four years ago. Instead of ignoring your lady’s concerns when she’s worried about her weight gain, listen to what she says. And most importantly, support her. Let Her Know that She’s Beautiful No Matter How Much She Weighs The best thing you could ever do when your lady is… Read more »

Why Console Gaming is Not Worth the Cost

Playing video games is a great way to pass the time, and a hobby that millions of people around the world have embraced wholeheartedly. However, just because you like to play video games doesn’t mean that you necessarily know which way is the best way to play them. After all, there are so many choices, from handheld gaming all the way on up to PC gaming. With that many choices, you might want to just take the safe route and go for a living room video game console. After all, why deviate from the classics, right? Hold on a second…. Read more »

Puzzle Apps to Challenge Your Brain

After the crazes of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, and Angry Birds died down, a lot of us are looking for our next challenge. Puzzle apps are typically a quieter way to challenge yourself while you’re in the waiting room or standing around bored because the bus is late again. Not to mention, most puzzle apps don’t get pushy with all those in-app purchases like top rated “gaming” apps tend to do! Challenge yourself and try your hand at a few of these puzzling games for your mobile device. If you like a good challenge, prepare to get addicted – the… Read more »

Harassment in Video Games and What to Do About It

As more and more video game franchises are incorporating online multiplayer experiences into their gameplay, people are discovering that not everyone you meet online is nice. In fact, depending on what kind of game you’re playing and what time of day you’re playing it in, some of the people you encounter through online games are going to be some of the biggest jerks you’ve ever met. If you’ve had the misfortune of encountering one of these “trolls”, you’re probably aware of just how unpleasant it can get. However, there’s a fine line between someone being a passing jerk and someone… Read more »