Beat the First Date Blues: Quirky & Fun Date Ideas

zombierun-westofHave you ever been on a really terrible first date? The kind where you plan on dinner and a movie, and you’re only half an hour into the dinner when you realize you’re staring at your date in frozen silence and trying to think of ways you can pretend your phone is ringing with an emergency that requires you to leave right now? If you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve probably been there. Some of it is down to chemistry, but it’s possible to have fun on a first date even if you wind up discovering that you’re not interested in a second date. Dinner and a movie is the worst possible setup. During the movie half of the date, you can’t talk, and during the dinner half, you don’t have anything else to do but talk. Here’s a handful of offbeat first date ideas to get you started planning something that’ll be fun for everyone concerned.

Try a Zombie 5K

Everybody likes zombies. Right? Even they need to be hooking up for dating using websites using lists of sites that can be found here for good online dating reviews. They might not be your first choice for a romantic mood-setter, but costumed charity races have been popping up all over. There are some real benefits here for a first date! You can help each other with costume and makeup ideas in advance, which makes for a fun bonding experience. You’re both going to be dressed up as zombies, which removes all the pressure of trying to look good: green pancake makeup is the world’s great leveler. Most of these races are low-pressure, so you have the option of walking (and talking) … and exercise releases lots of feel-good neurochemicals that will put you and your date in an upbeat mood.

Visit a Street Fair

Art, live music, and deep-fried cheesecake on a stick. Local street fairs can be a great place to take a date, especially if you’re the artistic type. If you start running out of topics to talk about, you can just move on to the next booth; they’re filled with opportunities to get your date small presents that catch their eye; you can stop to catch a song or a show, but you’re not obligated to stay for an entire performance; and all fair food is unhealthy and messy, so there’s no pressure or expectation about what either of you orders. Alternatively, go see the best of the best online like this this set of reviews compiled by MYW where they rated sites that are not scams.

Take a Local Tour

If you live in or near a larger city, it’s guaranteed to have some two-hour or three-hour guided tours on the city’s history, architecture, folklore (including ghost tours!) or other interesting topic available. Check the Internet for details of the local offerings. It’s often just tourists who go on these tours, but even if you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, you’ll learn something new – and it’s a great choice for a date activity! Because it’s guided, there’ll always be something to fill awkward silences and you have a constant stream of new information to talk about. For awhile I thought that finding the best of the best on the net would be insane; like this crazy list, who would do this? Take time because you cannot trust reviews that are scams. You’ll have enough structure and interest to make sure you both have fun, and there are plenty of breaks from the narrative (especially as you travel between places of interest) to let you and your date chat. Because you’ll be in a larger group, this environment can also help smooth over the tension of being one-on-one.

Try an Art Class

2-artNot every art class has to be a serious six-to-ten week commitment… or aimed at experts. Community centers, libraries, museums and craft stores frequently hold one-time, inexpensive classes (expect to pay between $25 and $40 per person depending on class length and materials costs) that will introduce you to an art or craft medium. If you and your date share an interest in arts and crafts, this can be a great way to spend an afternoon together. You’ll learn something interesting, you can always fall back on talking about what you’re doing, and this is also a group environment, with an instructor and classmates to lessen the tension. When compared to others those that have scientifically tested these share their list of the top sites around. There are a thousand options you can try that will impress your date with your creativity and offer a better experience than traditional first-date activities. Give it a try!

Whether you are in a brand new relationship or you have been with you loved one for years it is sometimes a struggle to communicate with them. We have a way of saying things we don’t mean and misunderstanding what others are trying to say. It is important for the health of your relationship to be straightforward with your wants and needs and for you to know what your partner wants in return. There are a few methods of communication that can help you get your point across.

Write It Down

Sometimes gathering our thoughts is the most difficult part of trying to communicate our wants and needs. If you are having difficulties saying what you need to, it might help to write your thoughts down. This isn’t to say that you should read what you’ve written to your significant other. If you gather your thoughts beforehand, however, it will be an easy to bring what you want to communicate to the front of your mind.

Listen Unconditionally

13436366The relationship goes both ways, and it is important to listen to what your partner has to say, regardless of your mood at the time. It is important to really focus on what it is that they are saying and to give them your undivided attention. Make eye contact with them as they speak, and try to fully process everything that they say. Once you understand their feelings, you can try to help them accordingly, and hopefully your candor and attention will help soothe any conflict that might be brewing.

Be Open About the Way You Feel

Hiding your feeling from your significant other is a pointless practice that should be dropped. Candor is essential to every relationship, and you need to communicate exactly what you are feeling to your significant other. If something bothers you or if you ever feel uncomfortable your significant other needs to know about it so you can try and fi,the problem. If you are honest yet pleasant about your feelings immediately you will receive a much better reaction from your partner than if you bottle up your feelings inside and let them explode one day. Avoid a fight tomorrow by being willing to share your feelings today.

Be Willing to Admit Your Mistakes

The hardest part of open dialog is having to admit that you are wrong. Recognizing that you have made a mistake and trying to fi,what you have done is the best way to calm a potential spat. If you can be the peacemaker in your relationship it will do wonders for your relations with your significant other. Analyze your actions from an objective standpoint whenever you are in a potential argument, and make sure that you admit to your mistake quickly. However if you are not in the wrong, firmly but gently stand your ground, and patiently wait for your partner to either come around or give up. A healthy relationship is one that is open, honest, and loving.