7 Reasons to Start Using an App to Handle Your Credit Card Processing

Are you in the grip of an expensive credit card reader? Are you considering starting your business and don’t look forward to tackling that expense? If you’re a modern business on the go, then you might not even want to have a traditional reader. Here are seven reasons that an app could serve your company better anyway.

It’s a Cheaper Startup Cost

Start To Handle Your Own Credit Card Processing

Start To Handle Your Own Credit Card Processing

First of all, even for a fairly expensive card reading app, you get pretty much what you think you would. You don’t have to invest a thousand dollars per card reader. You can get the app and swipe for a few hundred in materials and start up costs and less than that per month.

You Can Upgrade Easily

The real beauty of the app is that it works for as long as you need it to. If you’re a busy business and you pick up steam to the point that you can’t actually keep up with just the apps, it’s very easy to cancel your subscription to their services and get a new system in place. They are a solution that doesn’t require much in hardware. You’re not going to be wondering what to do with your old point of sale system if you get rid of it in favor of a traditional system.

Apps Are Intuitive to Learn

Easy To Learn And Handle

Easy To Learn And Handle

The job title of “cashier” isn’t always a long term goal for people. There’s a good chance that your business faces a high turnover rate. Having an app for your credit card reader will do you a world of good. You can save a ton of training time because apps are intuitive to learn, especially for the younger generation of workers. You can turn weeks stumbling through learning a traditional system into a few days using the app—at the most. With touch screen capabilities and simple language a person might be able to pick up the app in hours.

Customers Will Be Interested in Your POS

In this competitive business market any edge you can get is a good one. Mobile POS, and using apps to handle your point of sale transactions will interest your customers. iPads and the like are now common in everyday life, but the business sector has been slow to embrace their potential. You’re going to look cutting edge without having to lift a finger (except for the one you’re using to navigate this touch screen credit card processing app.) Any publicity is good publicity, and any time and way you can catch the attention of your clients is a good way and time to catch the attention of your clients.

It’s Easier to Keep Track of Expenses

Apps often have back end models that can really help you figure out where your money is going. When you sell an item you can call up a lot of information about it. It will tell you how long stock sits on your shelves before its sold, what time of the day is your busiest in terms of sales (which can often be different than how many people are in your store) and will even show you which cashiers are more likely to close the deal than others.

Apps Can Link to Spreadsheets

Like the idea of having all that information at your fingertips? It can be hard to correctly interpret things without having a link to spreadsheets where you can see the data displayed visually. A well built app has several was you can export the information that it’s putting at your fingertips. You can enjoy taking out things like sales per hour and sales per employee (as some apps can allow you to make an employee sign into the app before they can check someone out) and looking to find the patterns that are going to benefit your company the most.

Often Comes with the Hardware You Need

The other benefit of the app is that it often comes with whatever external hardware you need. If you have an iPad already, then all you need to do is get yourself the app and a subscription to the company who supports it and they’ll send in the card reader that you need. If you really have to open your store soon, this can be the best plan for you. Even if it’s just a stopgap solution it can really pull your company out of the fire.