5 Subscription Boxes for Better Health

Although subscription boxes have actually been around for quite some time, it’s only in the past couple years that the idea has really taken off. For a monthly or per-box fee, subscription box services will send a package of goods, centered around a theme, straight to your door. It’s a fun and easy way to try new products or treat yourself. Here are several health-related subscription boxes, at varying price points, that are worth checking out.

Graze Box at graze.com: $6.99/box

Graze Will Help You To Stick To Healthy Habits

Graze Will Help You To Stick To Healthy Habits

The Graze box is meant to help you do just that: graze on snacks, but healthy ones at that. Each snack has been designed by Graze’s own team of “snack inventors,” meaning these products—ranging from popcorn to chocolaty nut and seed combos to barbecue cracker dippers and more—are not the same as those found on supermarket shelves. The company only works with small suppliers, meaning your food doesn’t come from some giant factory, yet they still offer over 90 varieties of snacks in the regular box. The low-calorie box pulls from around 50 snacks containing no more than 150 calories. Graze is best for those with smaller appetites or those who are looking to lose some weight. Most of the sealed portion sizes are around 1/4th of a cup, making it simple to prevent those notorious snack binges we have all experienced before.

Bulu Box at bulubox.com: $10/month (1 box)

Sample Tons Of Different Fitness Aids With Bulu Box

Sample Tons Of Different Fitness Aids With Bulu Box

The world of fitness supplements and vitamins can be very confusing to traverse. There are so many good things you can take to improve your workouts, nutrition, body, and mood. With Bulu Box, you can sample tons of different fitness aids, including energy bars, protein supplements, vegan and gluten-free snacks, and even the occasional instructional DVD. Not only does this help you find new brands to support, but it can help you figure out which supplements have the most positive impact on your health. The best part is, once you find a product that works for you, you can simply head to the Bulu Box store to purchase full-sized versions.

Petit Vour at petitvour.com: $15/month (1 box)

Petit Vour is great for people who are devoted to (or just interested in) cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. Experience samples and even some full-sized bath, body, and beauty products from companies like Beauty Without Cruelty, Ellovi, and Everyday Minerals. Because quality beauty products, especially from companies who take the more costly but earth-friendly vegan route, can be expensive, Petit Vour allows you to try many different guilt-free products before investing in something larger.

Tea Sparrow Tea Box at teasparrow.com: $20/month (1 box)

This subscription box is wonderful for avid tea drinkers who enjoy the various moods and health benefits brought on by different brews. Even if you just want to mix up flavors while sipping those cancer-preventing antioxidants, take a look at Tea Sparrow. Each box comes with enough premium loose leaf tea to make around 35-40 cups, with 4 different flavors per month. Selections include both caffeinated and decaf herbal brews to suit your needs. Tea in general is already a healthy choice for your mind and body, but Tea Sparrow offers fair trade as well as many organic mixtures, too. This subscription box can make you feel good about your tea’s impact on the planet and the people who cultivate it.

Honest Essentials Bundle at honest.com: $39.95/month + shipping for 5 items of your choice

The Honest Company’s “Essentials” bundle takes a slightly different approach to the monthly subscription box. Instead of providing samples or surprise items, subscribers are allowed to choose any 5 items from the company’s line of over 50 different bath, body, and household products. Options include shampoo and conditioner, soaps and lotions, and non-toxic surface cleaners and detergent. This bundle subscription works best for those in a larger household that will be able to go through all the products each month, but you can cancel at any time. If you wish to use more environmentally-friendly products not only in your dietary decisions, but around the house, consider the “Essentials” bundle.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a subscription box for you!