Beat the First Date Blues: Quirky & Fun Date Ideas

Have you ever been on a really terrible first date? The kind where you plan on dinner and a movie, and you’re only half an hour into the dinner when you realize you’re staring at your date in frozen silence and trying to think of ways you can pretend your phone is ringing with an emergency that requires you to leave right now? If you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve probably been there. Some of it is down to chemistry, but it’s possible to have fun on a first date even if you wind up discovering that you’re not… Read more »

What She’s Thinking When You Introduce Her to Your Parents

Allowing a woman to meet your parents for the first time can be a very exciting moment for her. Sometimes you may not know what is going on inside of her head when you tell her that you want her to meet your parents. Not all women view meeting a man’s parents as a big deal like the movies makes it seem. There are several different things she may think when she learns about the upcoming meeting of her and your parents. Before you start assuming that she will understand what meeting your parents means to you, take a moment… Read more »

What to Do When She’s Concerned About Her Weight Gain

There are numerous television shows, movies, and books that bring up the theme of a woman being worried about her weight gain. While gaining weight as we age is pretty natural, some women take it pretty hard when they can no longer fit into the clothes that they wore three or four years ago. Instead of ignoring your lady’s concerns when she’s worried about her weight gain, listen to what she says. And most importantly, support her. Let Her Know that She’s Beautiful No Matter How Much She Weighs The best thing you could ever do when your lady is… Read more »

Tips for Getting along with Your Partner’s Ridiculous Family

When you marry someone, you soon realize that you didn’t just marry a single person that happens to be the love of your life. You marry their entire family. This is especially true if you’re marrying someone Hispanic or Asian, as the idea of community is likely to be more entrenched in their family. Even if they are not so family-oriented, you still find yourself having to deal with potential family drama on your spouse’s side, as now you are part of the family. There are also day-to-day interactions to consider if you are living with your in-laws. Many family… Read more »

Dating Effectively with STDs

Dating with an STD can feel like one of the most difficult things to ever do. While it can be tough, it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you have an STD, and you want to date, you owe it to yourself and your potential partners to be honest about your disease. You may think that no one wants to date someone with an STD, but that’s not always the case. There are many people out there who are happily dating, or even married to someone with an STD. But getting that far does require some work on your end…. Read more »

How to Correct Your Posture and Save Your Back

Poor posture is the leading cause in back pain today. Our bodies didn’t evolve to sit as often as we do now, or hunch over computer screens and laptops. We’re hunching more and working out less, leading to curved shoulders and lower backs along with weaker core muscles. As a consequence, our posture is on a rapid decline. While it may feel awkward and even unnatural at first, taking steps to correct your posture is critical towards future spinal health. Here are a few tips you can use to work to permanently alter your posture for the better and save… Read more »

Getting the Best Rates On Your TV and Internet Service

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or finally getting the dream house you’ve always wanted, you’re going to have take care of a number of different things to get the building ready for living. That include things such as getting the utilities and the water hooked up. You can’t live anywhere without water and electricity! However, those aren’t the only services that you’ll need to get connected in order to have everything ready to go. You’re going to need to make sure that you’ve got TV and Internet service established to the premises of your place. Without those, you’re… Read more »

7 Reasons to Start Using an App to Handle Your Credit Card Processing

Are you in the grip of an expensive credit card reader? Are you considering starting your business and don’t look forward to tackling that expense? If you’re a modern business on the go, then you might not even want to have a traditional reader. Here are seven reasons that an app could serve your company better anyway. It’s a Cheaper Startup Cost First of all, even for a fairly expensive card reading app, you get pretty much what you think you would. You don’t have to invest a thousand dollars per card reader. You can get the app and swipe… Read more »

Why Being Jealous of Your Partner’s Friends Will Ruin Your Relationship

Everyone feels jealous of their partner’s friends sometimes; it is an inevitable fact of life. It shows that you are possessive of your partner’s time and attention, which may be a turn on for some of you. However, like everything in life, moderation is the key. If you are overly jealous of your significant other’s friends, you will ruin your relationship eventually. Why is this so? It Shows That You Are Insecure Most of you are jealous of your partner’s friends because you feel that they are much better than you in every way. Ladies, you may feel that your… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Going into Business with Family Members

There are a few different pros and cons of working with family members. Working with family can be fun, exciting, and can strengthen the bond that you have with your family members. Unfortunately, depending on you family, it can also completely destroy your family and how well each of you gets along with each other. Before you decide to start a business with your family, take a moment to stop and think about both the plus and the cons of working with family. The Pros of Working with Family One of the pros of going into business with your family… Read more »